A busy year in Cornwall

Posted on: 12/19/21 5:23 PM

Its been an extremely  busy year in Cornwall, as people couldn’t go abroad they came here instead and hopefully they all had a good time.  Most of Cornwall’s accommodation was booked up to the middle of November trying to fit in all the people who couldn’t come  earlier in the year but for the last few weeks we have been resting up ready for the Christmas rush.

The weather has been very confusing for the plants as we have new and old leaves and blossom on our cherry tree all at the same time, the catkins are already growing on the trees in Cardinham woods and the daffs and iris are beginning to break the soil with green shoots to cheer us through January.

We hope you have all stayed safe during this strange time and look forward to seeing you all in Cornwall again next year.

Debbie and Martin


Catkins in Cardinham Woods
Cardinham Woods
New and old leaves and blossom