Almost half term already

Posted on: 02/15/19 11:35 AM

All of a sudden its half term again next week, thankfully the weather has improved and we have lovely sunny weather, still only about 13c but so much better than the snow we had a few weeks ago, not something we tend to get down here in Cornwall so when it came all was at a standstill in no time as no one had remembered to grit the roads, Martin got stuck twice and had to turn back and  stay at Yellow Sands over night, I was lucky and managed to get back very slowly just before the roads became impassable.

But now we have the daffodils, snow drops and iris out in force so we know spring is here and its time to get the paint brushes out and the builders in and get the whole place ready for the 2019 season .

We hope to see you then.

Debbie and Martin



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