Posted on: 07/21/22 1:32 PM

I hope everyone survived the heatwave last week, thankfully being on the coast we managed to keep the temperature down to around 30c, which is hot enough for me, and we had the sea for a cooling dip when needed.

keeping the plants alive was another  matter , English plants are not suitable for this Mediterranean weather, the Hydrangea was showing signs of distress as early as April so I think in the autumn he’s going to have to move to a shady part of the garden along with the Azalea and I’m going to plant California poppies and other drought tolerant plants in the sunny beds.

Martin and I have been  visiting some of the wonderful local gardens,  who have managed, even in this heat, to keep them looking superb I don’t know how they do it, we also met a very inquisitive little Robin.      Enjoy the rest of the  summer