It’s been an odd season but we made it.

Posted on: 09/30/20 3:18 PM

Its been an odd season but we made it through thanks to diligent cleaning and hand sanitisers.

Yellow Sands and Cornwall in general has been full to bursting since July 4th when we opened for business. Restaurant’s, cafe’s,  attractions and gardens have adapted and visitors have had a near normal experience. Even the weather wasn’t too bad so people have been swimming, surfing and  relaxing on the beach without the bother of a flight.

Thankfully we are still busy till the end of October and even some bookings in November and of course we have our usual guests coming for Christmas and New Year .

We might have had an odd start to the year but it turned out ok in the end.

Stay safe

Debbie and Martin

A Day at Harlyn Bay Beach with social distancing